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This adventure starts not too far from here, in a town not to different then yours, and in a time not too long ago.

It was a warm summer’s day, the type of day that children want to play outside and run around exploring things. On this day there were three siblings: Ann 11 years old, Andrew 7 years old, and Marie 6 years old, who had wandered into an old mine that they had decided to explore. The mine was old, dark, spooky, and a true adventure but, after a while the three children became lost. They tried to find their way out; they turn down one mine shaft to another and another until they were exhausted. The three children decided to stop and rest, but just as they began to rest the floor gave way and they fell and fell and fell until they passed out. When the children awoke they found themselves in a place they did not recognize, with sounds they had never heard before. They heard sounds of things crying, large things screaming, and things running away, but which way they didn’t know. It was dark and they were scared, hungry, and everything was different, even the smells were different. As they looked around, they saw a small hill, which they decided to walk up to the top of. From the top of the hill they saw a light from a small building not too far away. The only other things that the children noticed were dark forests, dark mountains and very scary sounds. The children decided to walk quickly and quietly to the building with the light, not one of them said a word.

Ann told the others, “It might be an old house with people and a phone".
When they arrive at the old wood door at the front of the building they saw that the light was coming from old torches by the door.
Marie said, “Look torches, just like in the fairy tales that dad would read to us.”
Anne started to slowly open the door, as they looked into the building they saw an old wooden bar with a man standing behind it and two shadowy figures in front of the bar. The room was dimly lit, smoky and smelt of very old wood. They slowly entered the room, stopping just inside the doorway, looking around for a friendly face. The room was dimly lit and all that they could see was the man behind the bar who looked dirty and smelly, in front of the bar there were two figures in black robes with eyes that glowed red.
Andrew being the boy said in his deepest voice “Is there a phone we can use to call our parents.”
A deep growling sound came from the two figures in the black robes as they looked at the young children.
The man behind the bar asked, “Are you not from around here? Are you little ones all by yourselves”?
Marie explained, “We fell down a hole and woke up here and need to call our parents.”
The man behind the bar said, “I am Joel the Innkeeper, you are little Overlanders, and you must leave here now!”
The two black robed figures moved towards the three children, at that same moment a loud scraping sound came from a dark corner of the room. Everyone froze and turned to look at where the sound was coming from, but all that they saw was sparks from about four feet high moving downward to the floor and then again and again, as if something was being sharpened, everyone just looked. A voice came from the dark corner from where the sounds and sparks were coming from and spoke in a language they had never heard before. Then something or someone stood up in the dark corner from where the sparks were coming from and stepped into the dim light.
He was tall and large, with armor, a dark purple robe, a helmet with two bull horns, a large, long, sword in his hand, which glowed with a blue shine, his face was covered from just below his eyes in black chain mail, and his eyes glowed gold like a wolf.
The Innkeeper said to him in a lowed but shaky voice, “there will be no life ending in my place.”
The two black robed figures stepped back quickly as if surprised, then pulled out their swords and began to move toward the tall large man.
The Innkeeper cried out, "MEZRON, not again, please not again”.
The two black robed figures stopped, and look at each other, that same moment Mezron’s sword, struck the first figure in the heart, and then the second one on the neck, both fell lifeless to the floor.
Mezron spoke, "little ones do not speak to anyone else, here being an Overlander is a death sentence, and being young means you’re tasty to some, don’t ask”.
Mezron flipped a gold coin to Joel the Innkeeper.
Mezron said, “Sorry about the misunderstanding, this should be enough compensation for your trouble”.
Mezron walked over to the black robed figures lying on the floor in a puddle of green blood.
Mezron said, “Goblins, an ugly bunch they are.”
Mezron then pulled back their hoods; the children could see two Goblins with greenish-brown leathery skin, pointy ears, wiry hair, and sharp pointy teeth.
The three children said “eeewww.”
As Mezron sat down in that dark corner of the room, he said, "we need to find a party of Adventurers to get you little ones back home as soon as possible, now come, set back here, behind me.”
As the children sat down behind Mezron in the dark corner of the Inn with their backs against the stone wall, they noticed some weapons there. a large metal shield with an image of a bull head on it, a cross bow with two arrows sticking out of it, a large hand axe, and a mace that was well used, resting against the wall. After a short time the door of the Inn began to open, Mezron reached for his sword. Ann noticed that Mezron’s sword handle had a small human like skull at the end of it, but her eyes, and attention, were drawn to the door as five young Adventurers entered the dimly lit Inn.
Mezron said to himself in a low quiet voice “And now the adventure begins” ……..

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